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Sights & Sounds

Viktor's Tale

by John Williams

from "The Terminal"

Viktor's Tale (John Williams) - Lynne Snyder, clarinet

(give it a sec to load)

from Catherine McMichael's
Eclectic Trio

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Los Angeles Clarinet Choir

Elegy - Eric Winstead

Los Angeles Clarinet Choir - "Nightmare 2020"

Capriccio Español


Los Angeles Doctors Symphony

Los Angeles Clarinet Choir World Premiere at International ClarinetFest 2017 (live recording)

Hajdu's Niggun by Matti Kovler

Los Angeles Clarinet Choir conducted by Jonathan Russell in his "Eleven"

Caltech Clarinet Choir, directed by Lynne Snyder

Slow Loris, by Jonathan Russell

Caltech Clarinet Choir

Caprice by Clare Grundman

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