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Amazing Students!

Student Bragging Rights . . . 

  • N. wins audition for Rise Diversity Project to record at Warner Bros. 
  • S., N., A, win top spots in SCSBOA California Honor Band
  • M., J. win top position in PYSO top performing ensemble
  • N., J., B., A., win spots in their top high school ensemble
  • N. wins section leader in top ensemble of high school
  • M., B., & S., make PYSO Symphony on FIRST audition!
  • J., A., make PYSO Wind Ensemble!
  • S. makes clarinet section leader in junior year
  • B. & A. win solos for final Spring band concert
  • S. wins AHS section leader and elected Band President (a different S. student than below)
  • S. earns Varsity parade block on first try, after playing tenor for one year!
  • T. performs on flute with America's Got Talent celebrity violinist
  • N. accepted into California All-State Honor Band
  • N. accepted to PYSO on first audition
  • S. wins AHS section leader and elected Band President!
  • T., K., A., K., N., all make Varsity parade block as freshmen!
  • M. accepted to Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra's Philharmonic - the top group!
  • L. accepted to PYSO's Wind Ensemble on first audition!
  • C. accepted to Glendale Youth Symphony 
  • D.  accepted to AHS Band 3 - the top group - after playing clarinet for less than one year!
  • M. accepted to AHS Band 3 - as a freshman!
  • S. accepted to AHS Band 3 and selected to be a Section Leader- as a freshman!
  • Only 8 freshmen win the audition for AHS Varsity Block, 3 are mine -- T., A., & N.!

Former Student Bragging Rights . . .

  • P. goes on to Caltech and then MIT and Harvard! 
  • B. goes on to study music at St. Olaf College!
  • L. goes on to Eastman, the President's Own, and now holds a position as clarinet faculty at a fantastic music university.
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