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Who is Queen Reed?

Queen Reed is just a name that sounded good to me once when I was signing up for something musicky and didn't want to provide my real name. I love Sounds. And Words. And Queen Reed sounded frilly and funny and it caught in my ear in that ringly-tingly way. I am obviously not a queen. There is nothing I claim to rule, especially not reeds! And this rather presumptive title is at firm odds with the view I hold of myself as a performer, educator, creator, advocate, and occasionally (we've all been there), a complete imposter. Still, it sounds nice. And on those lovely occasions when the stars align, the reeds behave, the muses sing (we've all been there), Queen Reed revels in her reign.


You, Me, We, have all had life and music experiences that help others when we share them. Along my way here, I have picked up a good deal about playing and teaching the barkystick we call the Clarinet. And when I zoom around the internet for help, adviceinsight, I want the most specific, articulate help I can find. So this is what I offer - not only what works for me, but whenever I can figure it out, why and how I think it works. 


Quite simply, Queen Reed wants to share everything she knows about playing, learning, and teaching clarinet with the hope that it will make your life easier, help you feel connected to others, build your knowledge - which is power - and enable you to get more and more joy out of your own barkystick.

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