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3 Unconventional Ways to Memorize Music Faster!

Trouble memorizing music? Here are a few easy and unconventional tips to get you going:

1) Sing it FIRST. I know, I know, you joined band, not choir. But seriously, bah-duh-bah, or lah-lah-lah, or doo-de-dah out that tune. If you have it in your mind's ear, you can find it on your clarinet! Similarly, if you don't know it well enough to hum that tune, my money says you won't be able to memorize it.

2) Get moving! Attach each phrase/section to a movement of your large muscle groups. Think marching band, but less savage. Phrase one - walk in a circle clockwise. Phrase two - walk straight forward. Phrase three - walk in a circle counterclockwise. Anything like that will work. Involving your large muscle groups (legs, torso) will make your memory for the music kick in sooner and last longer. The Rockettes will be so proud!

3) Draw pictures on your music. That's right -- it's time to get out that multi-color doodle pen and go to town because if you are getting stuck, you might need a better visual cue. Get a cute little bunny with big whiskers drawn in color alongside the first phrase of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto, and you will forever imagine Mozart bounding around like a mischievous wittle wabbit. Visual cues, especially when they are colorful and/or humorous help make powerful musical memories!

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