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How can I help you?

Private Lessons

Join my studio!  I specialize in teaching clarinet students of all ages and abilities, as well as beginning through intermediate saxophone and flute students in the Pasadena-San Marino-Arcadia-Sierra Madre area.


Students in my studio work on band/orchestra music, solos, etudes, scales and other important patterns, as well as pops/movie music and  . . . . . improvising and composing!  We have two studio musicales every year.


Lessons are 30/45/60 mins once per week. Unlike other studios, I don't charge you for lessons you don't take.  Life is busy, things come up, let me know if you can't make it and we'll reschedule.


Spring 2018 Group Studio.JPG

Woodwind Coaching  ~ Workshops 

Do your school woodwinds need a little extra help? 

I will teach them instrument-specific technique customized to your specific desires and program literature.  We will address intonation, embouchure, alternate fingerings, tone quality, and air support so your students can apply what they have learned to all their music. I also provide workshops focused on a variety of specific subjects including intonation, musical creativity, single-reed care and adjustment, and habits of good musicianship.

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